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Magnolia Drive delivers a hard-driving, contemporary and traditional sound with tasteful instrumentals, smooth blending vocals, and all the energy that you can stand! These guys possess the desire and ability necessary to perform and record high-quality bluegrass. Pair that with their over 100 years of combined experience and professionalism both on and off-stage and you have a group that is turning heads in the bluegrass music world!



img_1340Don Robinson


Don lives in Hattiesburg, MS. with his wife Karen. They have two grown kids, Chase and Chandler. He plays banjo, finger-pick style guitar, and sings both lead and harmony vocals.  While on stage, Don’s natural down-home personality and humor quickly puts the audience at ease.  His musical roots are quite varied and run deep.  He’s played piano and sang with gospel quartets, performed with country bands, and continues to lead church music functions.  He’s also been a member of such groups as Sweet Dixie, The Crain Brothers, Harold and Ovaline & Up the Creek, Lickety Split, Common Ground, and The Jason Boone Band.  Don has also published and recorded many of his own songs and his songs have been recorded by other artists as well.  Most recently, Don's "Sunday Morning Without You" was included on Special Consensus' new Grammy-nominated project "Scratch Gravel Road" which was nominated as "Recorded Event of the Year" by the IBMA, and is currently enjoying chart success on Bluegrass Unlimited's charts as well as the charts on  His clean and tasteful banjo work is a driving force for Magnolia Drive’s traditional bluegrass sound. 

img_1363 Steve “Speed” Nowell 

Acoustic Bass/Vocals

Steve lives in Madison, MS. with his son Monroe.  No stranger to Southeastern bluegrass fans,  Steve was an early mainstay with the very popular Perfect Tyming, a group which traveled extensively throughout the United States.  Steve has also appeared and performed with other bluegrass greats including Mr. Bill Monroe, Larry Sparks, John Hartford, Chubby Wise, Mac Wiseman, Carl Jackson, and other fine artists.  His musical talents were sought after by some very popular artists; with inquiries from The Trio, Emmylou Harris & Nash Ramblers, The McCarters, The O’Kanes, and others.   With his solid structured timing and strong vocals, Steve provides defining elements which help create a distinctive sound for Magnolia Drive. Steve also writes and publishes his songs for use by the band.  He also brings some engineer and producer roles to the band's recordings as well as managing the band's web site and social media outlets.  Steve also helps promote and market the band through customer relationship management methods or just plain ole' sitting down and talking!

img_1373Mike Nowell


Mike lives near Starkville, MS. with Julie, his wife.  He has been a part of bluegrass music for almost 34 years. He has performed as part of several bands throughout those years. Most notably, Mike was one of the original members of the popular band, Perfect Tyming. Now, after several years, he is once again reunited with his younger brother, Steve, who also was an early member of the same band and Cory Burton, who joined the group a few years later. As one might suspect, by focusing on the guitar, Mike has always been driven by the true importance of quality rhythm, timing, and tasteful arrangements that mold a band’s distinctive sound. He truly enjoys being a part of the band’s musical foundation. Mike also enjoys songwriting and occasionally picking the banjo. He is very excited to be included in this ensemble of talented musicians known as Magnolia Drive.


img_1325Cory Burton


Cory makes his home in the beautiful countryside of Choctaw County, MS with his wife Leslie and their daughter, Miranda.  He is a typical country boy who loves the outdoors.  He enjoys hunting, fishing, and riding ATV’s down the old logging roads.  Cory’s other passion, obviously, is the mandolin and bluegrass. He began his musical curiosity at age 5 when he was handed a mandolin for the very first time.  By the age of ten, Cory was already performing with his father and older brother, both huge influences on his music.  Their family band, known as The Burton Bluegrass Band, played shows and festivals locally around the state.  As he got older, Cory learned to play guitar, banjo, fiddle, and bass.  He was so driven to become a better bluegrass musician that he carried his musical hunger with him to college, where he majored in music.  Throughout his career, Cory has been fortunate to perform with several other fine groups such as  Campus Country, Perfect Tyming, The Larry Wallace Band, and Retrospect. Cory’s mandolin style is a direct result of a lifetime of learning and experiencing bluegrass music.  From the jam sessions, festivals, and grand stage performances, Cory has developed a unique mandolin sound.  He anxiously looks forward to meeting all the great bluegrass fans and musicians and making lots of new friends as part of Magnolia Drive.

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